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Saturday Liftoff Links

While the Astros were getting there first win, I was collecting links to drive it out of the park.


Around Baseball

Joe Blogs: A Celebration of Day 2
Are you feeling a bit down on the Astros now that they've gotten off to their typical bad start or is there still some hope? JoePo recalls a message of hope from Buck O'Neil.

Nishioka & Swisher: The Incident, The Result, The Outcome - Beyond the Box Score
In case you missed it Nick Swisher went hard into second in an attempt to break up the double play. Mission accomplished, but he also broke Tsuyoshi Nishioka leg in the process. While the slide was technically legal, there's question on whether it was a dirty play or not.

Royals' Tim Collins Beats Odds To Make Majors - From Our Editors -
 An old link, but worth mentioning. Standing at 5'7" Collins looks to be the smallest player in the Major Leagues. At least until Jose Altuve makes his debut.


Minor Leagues

RedHawks open Astros era with win at Memphis |
The RedHawks unlike the Astros opened the season with a win. However Jordan Lyles was hit around a bit allowing seven hits, two walks, and three runs in four innings. This will strength the case, that Lyles still needs some work in the Minors before making his big league debut.

Hooks strand hopes for season-opening victory " Corpus Christi Caller-Times
The Hooks on the other hand did there best Astro impression and lost. They were 1-11 with runners in scoring position.

Astros County: Catching up with Brandon Barnes
Brandon Barnes, talks about his offseason and what his mindset is this season.

Player Profiles

Career Profile: Mike Hampton - Minor League Ball
John Sickels does a review of Mike Hamptons career.

Houston Astros' Brett Myers is a new man and a new pitcher - Joe Lemire -
A profile on Myers and the effect he's had on the team.