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How's Your Confidence, Astros Fans?

How many of you vote in that confidence poll embedded on the left-hand side of the screen? I'm not saying to rush out and do it right now, because you might break the system with all the zero ratings you give this team. But, I'd be interested to know how many of you vote in it regularly.

I know I have kept my eye on it since SB Nation rolled it out. Last season, I was really encouraged when the second-half surge seemed to be reflected in fan's confidence, as that little needle edged up over 50 and stayed close to 60.

As the offseason wore on, that number dropped and dropped and dropped. Now, it's hovering around 34, according to the big number over at SB Nation Houston. What does that mean, though?

If you look at the rest of the Big Four sports teams on the regional site, only the Rockets break 60 with their fan confidence poll. Houston just doesn't seem to have very confident fans right now. Maybe that stems from not making the playoffs in a while. Either way, it's not a great time to be a fan of Houston sports, it seems.

With the Astros, that 34 probably accurately rates my confidence in this team right now, too. Houston has lost a heartbreaking opener and then gotten drilled in four straight games. They're 0-5 right now, possibly headed for 0-6 later this afternoon. I realize this team is rebuilding, and that we shouldn't look at results on a game-by-game sense. Instead, we should be worrying about how the farm is doing, where we'll draft next season, etc.

That's hard to do when you follow this team day-to-day. When you have to write about this team day-to-day. It becomes hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If the Astros had dropped to a 65-win team two years after making the World Series, fans might not have been scared away. If they bottom out now, after not making the playoffs since then, will there be enough fans to vote in a confidence poll? That's the question any new owner will have to answer.