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Astros News and Notes

What to do with the infield?: Clint Barmes may be back sooner than expected, but with Angel Sanchez once again providing that singles power that he showed last season, some have questioned whether or not Barmes should get his starting job back.

To me, the answer is unquestionably, "Yes." Barmes is a good, possibly great defender at shortstop. Sanchez's arm is stretched playing there every day, which hurts the team just as much as his offense helps. But, sliding Barmes back in at shortstop doesn't have to push Sanchez out of the lineup. If Bill Hall continues to struggle for the next two weeks, does it make sense to slide Sanchez over to second and put Hall on the bench?

Hall was essentially a super-sub for Boston last season, playing multiple positions. He's not going to be happy moving back to that role, since the whole reason he signed in Houston is they guaranteed him a starting job. However, if he continues to struggle this badly, the Astros many not have a choice.

First good sign for Arias: I have mentally written off Alberto Arias as a bullpen option this season. That's not to say I don't want to see him back, because when he was healthy, he was a great reliever.

It's the injuries that have caused me to drop him from the forefront of my mind. As they have piled up one on top of the other, and he misses more and more time, I doubt whether he'll ever regain the form he showed before the injury.

But, it would certainly be a great story if he did. That's why I was very encouraged to see this report (thanks to Astros County), that Arias had thrown off a mound and looked "pretty good." It's not much, but it's a start.

Comment of the Day: We have a tie from last night's game thread, showing just how bad this team has sunk this early in the season.

Just once I would like to turn the game on and see some good news.

by entropic soul on Apr 5, 2011 6:43 PM CDT reply actions

your watching the wrong team

by baggs on Apr 5, 2011 6:44 PM CDT up reply actions

Pete Rose probably wishes he bet on this game

Astros fan for life

by Joe in Birmingham on Apr 5, 2011 7:32 PM CDT reply actions

How do you know he didn’t?

On the other hand, I’m not sure that you could get a great betting line betting against the Astros.

by clack on Apr 5, 2011 7:34 PM CDT up reply actions

Comment Leaderboard: And now for both the roll call of all commenters from last night's thread and the Top Six.

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