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This Day In Astros History: April 5, 2010

This one is not-so-ancient history, as the Astros lose to the Giants 5-2 on Opening Day 2010. Tim Lincecum did his best to shut down the Astros in seven innings of work, striking out seven. Brian Wilson also picked up the save for San Fran, pitching 2/3 of an inning in the bottom of the ninth.

All four of the pitchers Houston used in the game are no longer with the team. In fact, only five of the 15 players to appear in the game are on the 25-man roster currently. Can you guess who they are? I'll give you a hint...Jeff Keppinger was in the game but isn't one of those five (since he's currently on the DL).

Both Kaz Matsui and Carlos Lee started the season off with multi-hit games. If anything should temper your excitement for Lee or Pence or Angel Sanchez' hot starts, it's that. Geoff Blum and J.R. Towles provided what little power came in this game, each hitting a double. Houston left seven men on base and was 1 for 7 with runners in scoring position, a problem that would plague this team all season.

Houston scored both of its runs in the bottom of the ninth. Pedro Feliz grounded out weakly to second (no, that's not my editorializing. That's actually how the box score listed the hit...), but Lee scored from third on the play. One batter later, Towles hit that double to deep left-center, scoring Blum from second. Blum had also hit his double in the inning, lacing a ball down the right-field line.

The most impressive pitching line for Houston? Slammin' Sammy Gervacio, who pitched a perfect ninth inning, striking out two on 11 pitches. Of course, he only made five more appearances all season in the majors. April of 2010 was a dark time...maybe it's best not to revisit it again.