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A Home Wandy Is A Good Wandy, Astros Win 2-1

This is what that game last Sunday should have been like. The Astros got a good start out of Wandy, even if he did give up seven hits, and got timely hitting when they needed it.

Of course, since this is Lyon's 50th shaky outing already this season, expect a referendum on his position as the team's closer to come up sooner rather than later. And, with Wilton Lopez' impending removal from the disabled list, it gives the Astros two guys who can ostensibly fill that role in Lopez and Mark Melancon.

Jason Bourgeois giving the Astros a walkoff hit also helps his case for staying on the roster once Jeff Keppinger and Jason Michaels are healthy. Bourgeois just keeps proving his value to this team on the bases, in the field and at the plate. Do the Astros really need Michaels? I'm sure Ed Wade will have a tough call to make between those two in a few weeks.

Clint Barmes isn't setting the world on fire, that's for sure, but the infield duo of him and Angel Sanchez or Bill Hall has potential. I bet Hall gets more rest in the next couple of weeks with Sanchez starting in his place. That's not because Hall has been bad, but more because he's played a lot for an older guy.

Anyway, this was a nice, exciting victory that either reminds us that this team can be good in the near future or that this division may just not be very good.