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Clint Barmes Activated, Joe Inglett Designated For Assignment

That's the big news this afternoon, as presumable starting shortstop Clint Barmes is finally back after breaking his hand shortly before the end of spring training. As I speculated when Brian Bogusevic was called up, it also spelled the end of Joe Inglett's tenure on the big league team, as Bogey takes his place as left-handed bat off the bench (at least until Jason Michaels is healed).

Nothing is too surprising here, as Barmes was bound to displace someone. I am glad to see Matt Downs still on the roster, as that gives Houston two solid infield backups. It also marks the end of Angel Sanchez' run as a starting player. While he's performed admirably over the past month, he wasn't quite good enough to displace Bill Hall at second. I'd bet Angel will still get the occasional start here or there, but your new starting infield appears to be Barmes and Hall.

What do you think? Did Inglett get a fair enough shake? Should Houston have traded for him at all or just broken camp with Brian Bogusevic on the roster? Will they carry six outfielders once Michaels comes back healthy, or will more awkward roster moves be approaching?