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Berkman Beats Astros In A 11-7 Loss

Freakin' Lance Berkman. Did he really have to hit two home runs? That's just rubbing it in, Lance.

By the time he hit the second, the game was probably already in hand, but from the Cardinals perspective, that was a big insurance run. There's no question that Houston can get to the Cards bullpen, having engineered late-game comebacks in all three of this series. 

The problems last night and tonight, though, were the starting pitchers. If Houston had been able to get decent performances out of Happ and a decent sixth inning from Figueroa, this series would have a completely different hue. If Houston had been able to more consistently hit the St. Louis starters, the same thing would have happened.

Alas, that was not the case, and the Astros have to settle for two bitter losses. Would Bill Hall have come through in the bottom of the eighth if Hunter Pence hadn't tried to score from third? There is no telling, but it definitely hurt. Houston needed more than just a run in that situation and the base running gaffe proved costly as Houston didn't get nearly as good an opportunity in the ninth.

I feel I must give a silver lining here, and in this case it's Chris Johnson, who's had a devil of a time this season at the plate. Thursday, he went 2 for 5 with a double and a home run, showing the kind of pop missing from the Houston lineup. Of course, it was also a night that saw Astros hitters pound out six extra-base hits, so it may not be the best time to gripe about the power. EIther way, it was a nice game for CJ.