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Wednesday Liftoff Links

While the Astros were coming back and whooping up on the Cardinals, I was putting together some links that are sure to get you all hot and bothered.


Ultimate Astros " Jose Valdez’s game has been called ‘nasty’, and that is a good thing
Jose Valdez’s game has been called ‘nasty’, and that is a good thing. A nice profile by Steve Campbell on Valdez.

THT Awards
And the Vulture Award goes to...

One Night Only: Now with Pitcher and Game NERD! | FanGraphs Baseball
Last nights Bud Norris verse Jamie Garcia match-up was the Nerd game of the evening.

Adventures in SSS - Hot Corner - Baseball Nation
Rob Neyer puts some perspective on the Astros offensive force at catcher.

Former WVU catcher making mark in minors  - AP Featured News - Charleston Daily Mail - West Virginia News and Sports -
A nice profile on Minor League pitcher David Carpenter.


Astros verse Cardinals

Top five Cardinals-Astros moments: Houston Astros fan beat - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
Although it has waned some, the Astros and Cardinals have played in some epic battles over the years. My most memorable moment for a Cardinals-Astros series was the 2004 NLCS, unfortunately for both teams it was upstaged by the Yankees-Red Sox series.

The Best First Basemen of the Past 5 Years: St. Louis has Two of Them. - Beyond the Box Score
This is nothing you don't already know.



The Courtroom

H20 lawsuit appealed before trial
An attorney representing the police chief city manager and officers named in a lawsuit alleging police brutality has filed an appeal after a federal judge refused to dismiss the case. Another former Astros involved with an altercation with the law.

Former MLB outfielder Carl Everett faces charges of assault with weapon
Just checking in with Everett. Apparently he's gotten himself into a bit of trouble. The last memory I have of this guy is back in 2005 when he was yelling across the field at the Astros dugout for some reason.