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Astros Win Emotional Rollercoaster, Beat Cards 6-5

It started out with a bit of ugliness, as Lance Berkman was forced to respond to criticism from Milo Hamilton about his tenure with the team. It ended with a wild ninth inning that saw both teams grab late leads before the Astros won on a walkoff single.

Say this for Cardinals games, they're never dull.

Add a bit of redemption for Bill Hall to the mix and the Astros really had a nice victory on Tuesday. Hall, who won some brownie points with fans when he went into the stands and hurt his ankle against the Mets, came up big with his single to left field with one out in the ninth. That plated Michael Bourn and gave the Astros their first walkoff victory of the season.

Brandon Lyon gave the Cards a 1-run lead in the top half of the inning with consecutive doubles to Matt Holliday and Berkman. At that point, I was resigned to the loss (but I'm a bit of a defeatist with this team). I did not expect Brian Bogusevic to lead off the bottom of the inning with a single, nor did I expect the newest Astro to score a run on a wild pitch two batters later.

It was just that kind of night for Houston. Starter Bud Norris didnt' exactly mystify the Cardinals like he has in the past, but he did strike out six in 6 innings of work and only gave up seven hits and two walks. All three runs were also unearned, after Angel Sanchez' error in the top of the fourth gave the Cardinals new life. Was Bud trying too hard after error?

Still, it was a solid victory for Houston. It was a wild win, it was a good win, it got this series off on the right foot. Now, let's go take the next two.