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Monday Liftoff Links

While the Astros were wrapping up their series in Brewers country I was putting these links for your guzzling exploits.


Prospect Evaluation

The Significance of Minor League K-Rates - Minor League Ball
A study on minor league strikeout rates and whether or not they correlate to a prospects success.


Baseball Dealings

MLB to See Second-Most Rainouts for April in the Last Decade
Over the past couple weeks there's been some talk about the dropping of attendance in Major League Baseball. One reason could be the rainouts, which to this point has been fifteen, tying it with 2003. But that's not been the most in a decade, there were a staggering 26 in 2007. Thank goodness for roofed stadiums or there may of been even more.

Is Ryan Braun’s Extension Worse Than Howard’s? | FanGraphs Baseball
At first glance I thought the Braun extension was a good deal. Dave Cameron gives pause to that notion and wonders if it's as bad as the Ryan Howard extension.



The Hot Stone League | Mariners could have had four extra postseason berths under proposed expanded-playoff format | Seattle Times Newspaper
The biggest winner of the expanded playoffs, if it had been implemented in 1995, would of been the Seattle Mariners with a possible four extra playoff spots. The Astros would of benefited twice in both 1995 and 2003.

Expanding to a 10-team Playoff is a Bad Idea - Beyond the Box Score
Bill Petti doesn't think a 10-team playoff is a good idea. He digs a little deeper and finds that adding another series be it one or two games is injecting even more random chances into the playoffs.


Yes, More Dodgers Talk

MLB’s takeover of the Dodgers could imperil baseball’s antitrust exemption | HardballTalk
The takeover of the Los Angeles Dodgers could have more legal ramifications than Frank McCourt suing baseball. Mark Cuban anyone?

What Does the Future Hold for Frank McCourt, MLB, and the Dodgers?
The Biz of Baseball answers some of the questions in regards to the takeover of the Dodgers.