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Super Sunday Links 24 April 2011

Here are some early morning links, to get your Easter Sunday started right.

Back in Time

Who is the most impressive batting record holder of all time? - Beyond the Box Score
A look at some of the offensive records in baseball and the how long a players been the all-time leader in that category. The longevity of some of these records is impressive.

Joe Posnanski " Posts The Hall of Not Famous Enough "
A look at the guys who have the numbers that should warrant more consideration for the Hall of Fame that didn't. Not surprising but Babe Ruth has a strangle hold on one of the advanced statistics.



Taking on the Brewers

Series Preview #7: Talking Astros With The Crawfish Boxes - Brew Crew Ball
The Brew Crew did an interview with our very own David Coleman, where they discuss expectations, Brett Myers facial hair, Bill Hall and Michael Bourn.

VIDEO: Ryan Braun Ignores Your Stop Sign - Brew Crew Ball
This isn't from the Astros Brewers series, but this slow-mo shot of Ryan Braun running through a stop sign is enthralling. I love the look of defeat on the third base coach as he realizes Braun is ignoring him.



The Business side of Baseball

BOB:  Some catching up to do
A nice review on some of the dealings on the business side of baseball.

Women Are Coming to Baseball, Like It or Not | FanGraphs Baseball
It's disheartening that even in today's world women are put at a disadvantage when trying to pursue something they are passionate about.

An Alternative to Baseball’s 10-Team Playoff Plan | FanGraphs Baseball
Joe Pawlikowski gives his take on the prospect 10-team playoff format. I like his proposal that MLB should eliminate the divisions and take just the for best teams from each division.

'Business as usual' not good news for post-Frank McCourt Dodgers - Tom Verducci -
Verducci weighs in on the Los Angeles Dodgers situation and the proposed new MLB playoff format.