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Super Sunday Links 24 April 2011

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Here are some early morning links, to get your Easter Sunday started right.

Back in Time

Who is the most impressive batting record holder of all time? - Beyond the Box Score
A look at some of the offensive records in baseball and the how long a players been the all-time leader in that category. The longevity of some of these records is impressive.

Joe Posnanski " Posts The Hall of Not Famous Enough "
A look at the guys who have the numbers that should warrant more consideration for the Hall of Fame that didn't. Not surprising but Babe Ruth has a strangle hold on one of the advanced statistics.



Taking on the Brewers

Series Preview #7: Talking Astros With The Crawfish Boxes - Brew Crew Ball
The Brew Crew did an interview with our very own David Coleman, where they discuss expectations, Brett Myers facial hair, Bill Hall and Michael Bourn.

VIDEO: Ryan Braun Ignores Your Stop Sign - Brew Crew Ball
This isn't from the Astros Brewers series, but this slow-mo shot of Ryan Braun running through a stop sign is enthralling. I love the look of defeat on the third base coach as he realizes Braun is ignoring him.



The Business side of Baseball

BOB:  Some catching up to do
A nice review on some of the dealings on the business side of baseball.

Women Are Coming to Baseball, Like It or Not | FanGraphs Baseball
It's disheartening that even in today's world women are put at a disadvantage when trying to pursue something they are passionate about.

An Alternative to Baseball’s 10-Team Playoff Plan | FanGraphs Baseball
Joe Pawlikowski gives his take on the prospect 10-team playoff format. I like his proposal that MLB should eliminate the divisions and take just the for best teams from each division.

'Business as usual' not good news for post-Frank McCourt Dodgers - Tom Verducci -
Verducci weighs in on the Los Angeles Dodgers situation and the proposed new MLB playoff format.