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Saturday Liftoff Links

While MLB was busting down the Los Angeles Dodgers front office door, I was putting together some slammin' links for your viewing pleasure.

The Takeover

MLB Takes Over Dodgers, Expos Fan Nods Sadly | FanGraphs Baseball
With the Dodgers being taken over by MLB Jonah Keri takes a look back at how the Expos were handled, after MLB took over that organization.

The mess in Dodgerland
A break down by The Hardball Times on MLB taking control of the Dodgers.

Are The Dodgers Screwed? | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron weighs in with his thoughts on the Dodger takeover.

Hitting the Corners

PxP: In the Zone - Athletics Nation

A look at the strike zone and how umpires call balls and strikes to both left handed and right handed hitters.

Dead pull versus inside-out

A very interesting article by Max Marchi on hitters and their tendency's to pull or hit it where it's pitched. Some very interesting graphs and charts.

Shutdowns, Meltdowns, and Saves | FanGraphs Baseball

This is apparently something I missed, FanGraphs has a shutdown and meltdown stat for relievers which is based on Win Probability Added (WPA). Which determines how much a player contributes to his team in a game.

Saturday Morning Cartoons and Food

YouTube - Fans at the Portland Timbers Game Sing the National Anthem

I imagine some of us like to think we're pretty passionate fans, but to be honest it's not even close to how passionate soccer fans. Rather than just one person belting out the National Anthem, the MLS Portland Timbers' fans did the honor at their home opener on Thursday night.

First Pitch: NL Central is baseball's 'Wacky Races' - Daily Pitch: MLB News, Standings, Schedules & More -

A Saturday morning cartoon look at the race in the NL Central.

Three Sliders, You're Out at Minute Maid Park - Houston Restaurants and Dining - Eating Our Words
A fans point of view on some of the food offerings at Minute Maid Park.