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Something Ugly This Way Comes, Astros Lose 9-1

Boy, talk about one game completely killing any positive momentum the Astros may have gained in winning their first two in a row of the season. Happ got hit so much, he might as well have been a Whack-A-Mole. The fielding was so bad, Hunter Pence had a four-base error. That's excessive in all the wrong ways.

As you may have noticed from my Twitter stream, I was not in a position to watch this one, and it's a good thing. I can just pretend it never happened and go into the Milwaukee series with a warm, fuzzy feeling about this team. Nelson Figueroa already outdueled one ace in Mat Latos, so he can probably do it again when he meets up with Yovanni Gallardo, right? Right?

Let's just move on.