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TCB's Players of the Week

Once again, we bring you the best Houston Astro players of the past week. No repeat winners of this award, as Angel Sanchez finally falls out of the Hitter of the Week spot.

For those of you who've been around long enough to remember when this started last season, yes, I do find it slightly amusing that I joked about finding a sponsor for this post for a long time and this season, we actually have a sponsor. Selling out never felt so good...

Hitter of the Week: Brett Wallace - Brick has picked up two hits in three of his last four starts and has added positive WPA in four of his last five games. He's gone 7 for 19 in that span with two doubles, two walks, two strikeouts and three runs scored. His batting average has also risen from .262 to .293 in that span. He may not be hitting for power, but he is showing that he deserves to be hitting higher up in the batting order. Now, if we could just get him into some more games against lefties...

Pitcher of the Week: Bud Norris - He may have only gotten one decision, and he did give up a ton of hits and three earned runs on Wednesday, but Bud Norris has been straight dealing on the mound. He's now struck out 13 batters in his last 12 innings of work, while walking just four. He also topped 100 pitches for the second time this season and appears to be fulfilling that innings-eater role he might be destined for. 

Fielder of the Week: Carlos Lee - Call me crazy, but I have just been astonished at the plays Carlos has made in the past week. Outfield assists. Hustle runs to catch balls on the track. He's just been heads up all over the field. Can you think of a stretch when he's played better in the field? Maybe in his early time in Houston after he learned to play the big scoreboard in left, but even then, he hasn't impacted the game in the same way he has over the past week. I'm sure this won't continue, which is why I haven't even bothered to get into any advanced defensive metrics on him. I just want to say I'm astonished at his play one more time.