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Thursday Liftoff Links

While the Astros were getting sprinkled on in New York I was putting together some warm, soft, delish links for your consumption.

The Draft

American? That sucks. - Beyond the Box Score
JD Sussman's take on how American amateur baseball players are deprived bargaining power by Major League Baseball because they are "residents" of the United States while aliens are free to contract with far less restriction.

New Bat Boon or Bane to Scouting Community? | FanGraphs Baseball
A look at the changes seen from the college ranks employing a new bat, and how scouts are handling the change.



Inside the Lines

Colorado Rockies' survival guide for pitching at Coors Field - Tom Verducci -
This article is about the effects Coors Field has on the pitchers that pitch in it, and you have to wonder if Mike Hampton's career had been different if he had sighed with someone else.

So Far, So Good for The Big Puma Experiment | FanGraphs Baseball
The Lance Berkman scenario that's played out so far, is that a detractor against Wade for letting him go or a positive for acquiring some talent for the former Astro?



Outside the Lines

Average Cost for Family of Four Under $60 for Minor League Baseball Game
A survey of the 160 Minor League Baseball clubs in the domestic-based leagues charging admission this season has proven once again that going to a game will be one of the more affordable forms of entertainment, especially for families. The average cost for a family of four (two adult tickets, two child tickets, four hot dogs, two sodas, two beers, a program or scorecard and parking) to attend a Minor League Baseball game this season is $59.77.

7 Observations on the Barry Bonds Verdict
I found these thoughts on the Bonds verdict very interesting. My verdict, huge waste of money and time for the Government. Up next Roger Clemens.