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The Clothes Make The Astros Fan

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It's the beginning of the 2011 baseball season. My big question for this season: what am I going to wear to show my support for the Astros? I have a small Astros wardrobe. A simple black cap with the team logo was my first Astros apparel purchase. I have two team jerseys and several t-shirts, but I'm always willing to add to my collection. I have given up shopping for Lent, so I have forty days of not buying Astros gear.

I thought I might be tempted when I got an email from Victoria's Secret announcing their Limited Edition Pink Major League Baseball Collection. I followed a link to find my team on the Victoria Secret's website.

But, alas, no Astros merchandise was to be found. No Astros Bling Varsity Pants for me. I'm guessing that the folks at Victoria's Secret decided that Astros gear wouldn't be profitable. Houston was one of seven MLB teams not to make the cut. The others were: Kansas City Royals, Toronto Blue Jays, Atlanta Braves, Florida Marlins, Pittsburg Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds.

There's still plenty of Astros merchandise to be had, of course.

David has quite a collection of Astros wear. His sole winter coat looks like a vintage-style warm-up jacket. I can't tell you how many times we've have been stopped by someone complimenting his coat. As I mentioned in my last post, David is obsessed with baseball. So what does the obsessed fan want? According to his Amazon wishlist, it's this.

I actually like the sweatshirt. It's a lot better than some of the shirts he seems to favor. Last week, my husband showed me an Astros shirt which he thought was hilarious. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Stros Before Hoes shirt (complements of Astros County):

He thought it would be good to get the toddler t-shirt for our son. No. Just no.

Given the amount of talk I heard about Jeff Bagwell (and their shared affinity for facial hair), I think David might like this.

Even our son has Astros gear.  He's grown out of his baby uniform and Nikes from last year. That's okay. He's a toddler, so he's not impressed with simple logos. His favorite Astros shirt features Junction Jack. I have a feeling he would also like this, even though it's not apparel.

My sister-in-law has one of these cute baseball seam bracelets. Her bracelet is more understated than this or this.

As for me, I will have to wait until after Easter to add a hat or t-shirt to my Astros gear collection. It won't be from the Pink Collection, but it could still be pink or something else.

Who knows, maybe I'll just get something from Alyssa Milano instead.