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Super Sunday Links 17 April 2011

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I am going to forgo the usually bantering that accompanies the beginning of this link post to draw your attention to the first two links this week. The first deals with past adversity, and the second deals with adversity we deal with today. I can guarantee that both are well worth your time.


Facing Adversity

Jackie Robinson Day
David Wade has a wonderful article on Jackie Robinson and the challenges he faced as he made his way onto the fields of the Major Leagues.

Anthony Castrovince: Rob Ramsay's story one of dedication, family and survival | News
Rob Ramsay was as dedicated to his craft as any baseball player could be. But when that drive improbably started to dissipate, Ramsay learned that he was about to be confronted by the battle of his life. This is a very touching story, and yes it is long, but I guarantee you won't regret having read it.



The Draft

Top High School Hitters for 2011 Draft, Part One - Minor League Ball
John Sickels continues his series of looking at potential draftees in the upcoming draft.


Minor Leagues

Appy Astros: Rainy Night In Asheville
AppyAstro recounts his trip to Asheville, where he got to see the Tourists take on the Lexington Legends.

Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper Hits First Pro HR In Hagerstown Suns' Loss. - Federal Baseball
In case you missed it Harper hit his first pro HR against our own Lexington Legends. The guys over at Federal Baseball discuss that as well as review his career since being selected by the Nationals.


Around the Majors

Ultimate Astros " A stroke reborn: Berkman’s six HRs in a week (w/video)
He's back! Looks like Lance Berkman has found his stroke again and is going off for the bleh Cardinals. The Astros could of used that power.

Coco Crisp's Hair Is The MVP Of The 2011 Baseball Season - From Our Editors -
No comment necessary. Well maybe "chi chi chi chia!"

Eddie Joost's Career Transformed By Eyeglasses - Baseball Nation
Eddie Joost, who died this week at 94, had one of the more dramatic mid-career transformations for the better. Rob Neyer shares an essay he had years ago. Being blind as a bat (the creature not the wood) myself I really appreciated the story.