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Happ Outstays His Welcome: Astros Lose 4-2

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It's hard watching a bad team lose games. As bad as JA Happ's line looked tonight, he was actually pretty good. As bad as Carlos Lee's season has been, he still has done some amazing stuff this season. When's the last time Lee had two assists in one game? I'd bet on never. 

I'd like to second-guess Mills for not getting Happ sooner, but the bullpen has been pretty worn down lately. Wtih Lopez' injury, it's even more depleted. I understand why he left Happ in, but I don't like the outcome.

Of course, the thing I constantly have to remind myself of, is that I knew going into the season that this was not a good team. This roster isn't a good roster. There are good players on it and there are players with upside. But this season is much more about evaluating potential building blocks for the future than contenting for this year's pennant.

It gets hard to see through that, though, when you're writing a recap after every game. Sometimes, they don't come in until 1 a.m. That's how long it takes the whiskey to dull the pain...