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Astros Fantasy League Week 3: Injuries, Norris and Sanchez

My face when both Evan Longoria and Josh Hamilton ended up on the DL  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
My face when both Evan Longoria and Josh Hamilton ended up on the DL (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It has been a rough week for my Minute Maiders. Not only did Evan Longoria immediately go down to injury, but Josh Hamilton has joined him on the 15-day DL, and is likely to stay there for a signifcant chunk of the season. And add Magglio Ordonez and Andres Torres to that pile of injuries stacking up on my offense. Do I blink? A lot of teams have already blinked big time. Some owners have racked up more than a dozen transactions already.

You think the Astros' have done badly by losing Jason Castro, Clint Barmes and Jeff Keppinger? Imagine losing a player of Hamilton's stature for at least a third of the season. This is why when players slam into walls and most people applaud, I shudder. You end up on the DL and you do not do your team or teammates any good. 

I am the league leader in BA, but apart from that I'm getting roasted in the other offensive categories. 

They are 'unfortunately' your Astros: Wandy Rodriguez got dropped in a lot of leagues this week after being roughed up by the Cubs, but Angel Sanchez, the one-man wrecking crew of the past week was owned in 0.3% of leagues, a number that has shot up to 22.2%. I added Bud Norris and Brett Wallace this week after Native_Astro dropped the latter. 

Wilton Lopez is being examined after another dud outing, and the injury is his right elbow might be worse than neuritis, possibly necessitating a trip to the DL. In his absence Mark Melancon would be the guy most likely to replace Brandon Lyon if he fell out of favor with Brad Mills. He has still to give up an earned run in 7 2/3 innings this season. 

Exercise caution: Norris might have opened a few eyes with last night's start, as his out pitch was his slider, a pitch which was just slipping out of the back of his hand against Philadelphia 11 days ago. He spun six scoreless last night, earning the win, and striking out seven. 

But you also have to weigh up who the start was against, as the San Diego Padres have just 39 runs in 12 games and rank dead last in the NL in BA, SLG%, HR, and hits. 

He came on in relief of Fernando Abad in the seventh and navigated through some tricky waters, handing closer Lyon a lead for the ninth. It isn't particular relevant, but the Astros had two holds last night. Their season total up to that point was one. 

Last night Allphilla dropped Player A to waivers, claiming Player B from FA, these statistics were accurate as of the transaction:

Player A: .102/.154/.122 0 HR 2 RBI

Player B: .395/.438/.512 1 HR 8 RBI

One of them is the Astros' own Angel Sanchez, and the other is Vernon Wells. Can you guess which? Of course you can. Remember Wells is being payed $23m this year, compared to Sanchez's measly $430,000 paycheck. Which is quite clearly, insane. 

Waiver Wire: You have to keep your eye on that waiver wire everyday and watch out for sneaky pick ups. Native_Astro took Jason Heyward on waivers on Wednesday, which annoyed me a great deal, since he is exactly what I could have done with. 

Who's on First: Meanwhile in the league standings Allphilla was finally deposed from top spot yesterday, as @brentjwallace rules the roost this weekend. You can follow our progression on #astrostwitterleague