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Friday Liftoff Links

It would be winning if Charlie Sheen were running the video board.
It would be winning if Charlie Sheen were running the video board.

While the Astros were opening a series with the Padres I was putting together these enlightening links for your viewing pleasure.


Minor Leagues

Prospect Video: Juan Minaya, P, Houston Astros : Scouting the Sally
Fairly promising report on Juan Minaya. Promising fastball with a slurve that flashes some potential. He's a guy to keep an eye on. - Subber10

Prospect Video: Jonathan Meyer, 3B, Houston Astros : Scouting the Sally
Not a bright report on Jonathan Meyer. His average bat speed could limit him as 3B, but a move to 2B isn't out of the question. - Subber10

Scouting Report: Jose Altuve, 2B, Houston Astros : Scouting the Sally
Strong report for Jose Altuve currently but StS doubts his future because of his size. I'm not sure his size will limit him as much as people think, but we won't know until he is given a chance at higher levels. - Subber10

THT’s Top 100 prospects, part 1
I some how missed this, but this is the The Hardball Times Top 100 Prospects, from the end of May. I'm sure many of you will be pleased with where Jordan Lyles is ranked.

Ultimate Astros » Host Families Become Exactly That, Families
Great article by James Yasko over at the Houston Chronicle, taking a look at host families in the minors.

Technology and Baseball

Trackman charts rpms, spin rate on pitchers like David Robertson - Tom Verducci -
Why does David Robertson's fastball appear to have mysterious "hop" to it? Why is Justin Verlander's curveball so hard to hit? And why are even the most accurate radar guns fooling scouts and they don't even know it?

New Boxscores on FanGraphs | FanGraphs Baseball
Be careful you might get lost in the bottomless pit that is the revamped FanGraphs box score.




Salary, service time favor Barmes over Angel Sanchez - Houston Houston Astros |
I'm pretty sure those of you that frequent the comments section know that I favor Clint Barmes replacing Angel Sanchez when he returns, but I'm not opposed to sliding Sanchez over to second to replace Bill Hall if he continues to struggle.


More links from around baseball after the jump

Around Baseball

The Evolution of Joey Votto | FanGraphs Baseball
The Canadian is just getting better and better. Unfortunately he plays in the same division as the Astros.

I Didn't Know A Human Person Could Do That - Hot Corner - Baseball Nation
An interesting video via Rob Neyer, involving Tim Lincecum and his unique delivery.

Barry Bonds found guilty of obstruction of justice, mistrial on others - ESPN
The jury in the Barry Bonds reached a verdict on one of the four charges the seven-time MVP faces, but the defense and prosecution agreed to a mistrial on the other three remaining counts.

Concern over Chapman’s velocity
Crap I just picked him up in my fantasy league too