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TCB's Players Of The Week

Your Batter of the Week.
Your Batter of the Week.

Last week, we discussed the fan confidence poll that lives on this site and over at SB Nation Houston. This week, and each week going forward, we're going to instead look at which players were the best performers and may have garnered your confidence the most in the past week.

Batter of the Week, Angel Sanchez: That's right, the polarizing shortstop still isn't good on defense, but he's having a hell of a month. As I mentioned yesterday, he's not hitting for power and his BABiP is a crazy .436, but Sanchez is making the most of it while he can. Will he end up hitting nearly this well once the end of the month rolls aroung? Probably not. It'll also make for some interesting roster decisions once Barmes and Jeff Keppinger both roll off the disabled list. For now, Sanchez is making it very hard to pull him out of the starting lineup. Let's hope that continues.

Pitcher of the Week, Brett Myers: He's had two starts in the past week, allowing three runs on 14 hits in 13 1/3 innings while striking out nine and walking three. That only got him one victory, but wins are overrated anyway, right? What's more, Myers continues to pitch past the sixth inning each and every start. For a guy who came in with a fragile reputation, Myers has been an unquestioned work horse. What's more, he hasn't needed more than 106 pitches in a game yet. The Astros should be able to flip Myers at the deadline for some substantial pieces, but until then, he's been the biggest win in Ed Wade's tenure as GM.

Fielder of the Week, Michael Bourn: Well, possibly the second-biggest, as Michael Bourn is definitely in the discussion. Bourn has been his usual Gold Glove self this season, making play after play look easy. I've probably compared him to Adam Everett before, but a play this weekend really brought that home. Bourn went back to his left and ran all the way onto Tal's Hill to catch a deep fly ball. He did it so nonchalantly, though, as if the hill wasn't even a factor. It was a very difficult play that he made look easy, because he's just so good defensively.