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Cubs Whack Wandy, Take Series With 9-5 Victory Over Houston

This is the first game in a while I haven't gotten the chance to watch at least a part of. Sounds like I didn't miss much, despite that big inning. Wandy again got roughed up, but at least he settled in after a bad first inning. Was that inning more about one or two things going wrong? Could it have been avoided? 

CJ was also out of the lineup again, and Matt Downs responded with a nice night. I don't think CJ will get sent down any time soon, but he might lose time to Downs on occasion until he pulls out of this nose dive he's in currently.

Overall, this was a bad series. Houston showed some fight, coming back from 5-0 deficits in both of their losses, but I'm not comforted. I wanted more wins against the Cubs. Next up is the Padres. Let's hope there aren't this many big swings in those four games.