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Monday Liftoff Links

While the former President was taking in a baseball game, I was putting together some dignified links for you to take in.

Minor Leagues

Appy Astros: Outside the System - Farm & Bigs
You guys already know about Subber10's recaps, Farmstros, and Astro County,but your Minor League information isn't complete without Appy Astros. He covers the Rookie affiliate of the Astros in Greeneville. Not only that he also provides updates on where some of the prospects are that have passed through Rookie ball.



Library Updates and A Look at the Minus Stats | FanGraphs Baseball
Updates to the FanGraphs Library and a look at the minus stats. The article helped me get a better understanding of how to analysis the minus stats. I'm sure my colleagues will find this useful in preparing articles. I know at some point this season I will be putting out an article exclusively using the minus stats.


Player Profile

Big Results from a Small Stature: How does Tim Collins succeed and should we worry about his release points? - Beyond the Box Score
A very interesting break down on the three pitches Collins uses and his release points.

Brett Wallace gets an opportunity as Houston Astros first baseman - ESPN
Brett Wallace's road to the major leagues has been anything but typical. Thrice traded in the span of 371 days, Wallace has found a home as the Astros' starting first baseman. Jerry Crasnick does a nice profile on Brick. He get's bonus points for the Carmen Sandiego reference.


Manny Being Manny Reaction

Manny's exit from game is strangely fitting | News
Manny Ramirez reportedly failed a drug test and was facing a second suspension under Major League Baseball's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, and it's not the first time he's been caught breaking the rules twice.

Manny " Morgan Ensberg's Baseball IQ
Speaking of Manny, Ensberg writes a letter to him.

Sad ending to a once-great career is Manny Ramirez's new legacy - Tom Verducci -
There is a saying in the drug testing business that a drug test is not a drug test at all. It's an IQ test. Manny Ramirez was dumb enough to run afoul of baseball's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program -- not once, but twice.