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Super Sunday Links 10 April 2011

While the Astros were playing baseball, I was cutting grass. But before I started that I put together some shiny links for your fun filled weekend.


The Courtroom

Judge dismisses part of H2O lawsuit involving former Astros pitcher | | Local News
Information on the Galveston brawl with police that happened at a wedding reception. Former Astros Brandon Backe was involved in the altercation.


The Silly Things They Say

Astros County: I think further explanation is required, Mr. Wallace
This is really frustrating. After hearing Ed Wade say that he was targeting a first base prospect last July at the trade deadline (he had one right under his nose in left field) we now have that acquisition saying OBP can be skewed. That comment right there sums up the state of the Astros.


Manager Decisions

This Guy Isn't Going To Last Long, Right? - Beyond the Box Score
This is an article by Satchel Price that I found really interesting. It discusses injuries and ineffectiveness that force teams to play less than ideal players at certain positions. Angel Sanchez applies. While I like him as a pinch hitter off the bench, him being the starting shortstop really hurts an already poor team.

Observations on leverage
A look at reliever usage, in accordance with leverage, over the last five years.


The General Managers Chair

Better to Sign out of HS or College? Part 1 | FanGraphs Baseball
A look at whether or not a player can make more money signing out of high school or college.

Better to Sign out of HS or College? Part 2 | FanGraphs Baseball
Part 2, this time with a look at the value of extra free agents years.

New MLB Concussion Policy a Hit With MDs | FanGraphs Baseball
More on the new 7-Day DL that should help teams combat injuries involving a concussion.

Taylor Buchholz: Sandy's Impact and the Best Deal of the Off-Season - Beyond the Box Score
It may just be hype, but I can't help but feel a little jealous of the Met's and their new front office personnel. Of course it's still early, but from some of the moves already made it seems like Sandy Alderson knows what he's doing.