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Former TCBer Heads To Houston Front Office

Former Crawfish Boxes managing editor and current law student Stephen Higdon (screen name: Dying Quail) has been named Assistant to the General Manager for Advanced Statistics, the Houston Astros announced Friday.

Higdon worked here in many stat-heavy endeavors, including optimizing the Astros lineup each season via Tom Tango's THE BOOK method and doing research on the effects of BABiP on Carlos Lee's hitting. With this new position, Higdon will revolutionize the Astros front office and bring advanced metrics to the forefront of scouting both for the major league team and the June draft.

"I couldn't have done it without TCB's readers," Higdon said when reached for comment. "We went from a nerdy baseball website to a nerdy baseball website with lots of readers almost overnight. Thanks to all of you for helping me get this job as assistant GM."

To clarify, Higdon's official title will be Assistant "to the" General Manager. Current general manager Ed Wade could not be reached for comment, but Tal Smith was overheard after the press conference this morning muttering about having to use "those infernal ULTRA machines."

We here at TCB have long been pining for a more statistically-minded front office and I hope Stephen is the right man to carry us through. I do worry about his ability to accurately analyze the minor leagues, however, as he's shown so little aptitude for it before.

Here is a link to the press release. Congratulate Stephen in the comments section!