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Astro Opening Day Links

The Super Sunday Links was such a huge hit with the five of you, that's it's been expanded into the weekdays. So check back here regularly for some hard, fast, swift kick to the teeth links four times a week through out the season. With out further ado...POW!



03/29/2011 - 2011 NL Central Preview
A nice NL Central Preview from Astros Daily. I do however take exception with the Bourn/Taveras comparison in regards to OBP. Bourn had 59 walks last season in 73 fewer plate appearance than 2009 when he had 63. Taveras never exceeded 36 walks in a season. They are some what similar players, but at 27 Taveras posted a .275 OBP.

Will the 2011 Phillies Give You the Greatest Gift of All - Time? - The Good Phight
The Good Phight looks at the effect the improved pitching staff, and decreased offense, will have on how long Philly games will last.



Ultimate Astros » Statistically, the Astros are overachievers
This is nothing new for those of you that frequent the blog, but Levine discusses the Astros ability to out perform their expected Pythagorean winning percentage, which is based on formula that takes into account a teams runs scored and runs allowed.

Statistical Analysis in Baseball Isn't New...At All - The Good Phight
Chass and the Hirsches are wrong because the approach employed by "the promoters of the new statistics" they lambaste is not an innovation of Bill James within the last few decades. No, it is much older than that.



Profiles and Interviews

Ultimate Astros » Arnsberg sweats all details when instructing Astros’ hurlers
 Arnsberg sweats all details when instructing Astros’ hurlers. Another good profile on Brad Arnsberg, this time by Steve Campbell of the Houston Chronicle. I don't remember a time when an Astros pitching coach was profiled this much in a season let alone a month.

Ultimate Astros » Interview with injury guru Will Carroll
James Yasko asks injury guru Will Carroll what sort of voodoo he used to predict the Jason Castro injury. They also talk about the Astros medical staff, the Verducci effect and injuries in general.