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Super Sunday Links 27 March 2011

Just think next week when you're anxiously awaiting for the next Super Sunday Links post, the Astros will be playing baseball that matters.


Rankings Prospects: Rankings: Organization Talent Rankings: 2011 Organization Talent Rankings
Movin' on up!

2011 Organizational Rankings: #30 – Houston | FanGraphs Baseball
Do not read if you're in a good mood.

Stacking Up The NL's Fifth Starters - Beyond the Box Score
Another ranking in which the Astros come last. I can see a case for Figueroa not being last, then again he is 37.



Five questions: Houston Astros
The 2011 forecast: Young, cheap, sold.

Night Baseball Came to Houston in 1930 " The Pecan Park Eagle
A nice piece that looks at night time baseball in Houston all the way up to acquiring a Major League team.

The Brady Anderson of Defenders - Beyond the Box Score
Brady Anderson spiked to a 50-homerun season in 1996. 10 years later an Astro spiked his number. I bet you can't guess who it is.



Be Cautious With Lineup Analysis Tool | FanGraphs Baseball
I know some of you are looking forward to build lineups now that Opening Day will shortly be upon us.

Scoring and run prevention of World Series teams
The Hardball Times Rory Paap revisits his previous post in which he said "Pitching (almost) always wins championships."

I see, said the momentarily-blind batter
You hear it all the time, “Keep your eye on the ball.” The problem is, hitters are rarely—if ever—able to carry out…

The Earl Weaver Effect: Bunting Edition - Beyond the Box Score
A look at Earl Weaver, the Orioles and the sacrifice bunt.

More links after the jump....

Worn Out Sayings

Joe Posnanski " Posts My Mother’s Basement "
JoePo responds to Bruce Jenkins who uses the overused "mother's basement" joke. Mom! More hot pockets!

Murray Chass, Stan Musial, and Blogging - Viva El Birdos
Viva El Birdos has a response to the most recent Murray Chass accusations involving Obama, Racism, and Stan Musial.


Where Are They Now

An Old Ballplayer And His New Soul | ThePostGame
A story about former Astros David Newhan and his amazing recovery.

Veteran lefty Mike Hampton decides to retire | News
Veteran left-handed pitcher Mike Hampton has decided to end a career that provided him both heartache and jubilation.


Ultimate Astros " The learning curve continues for J.D. Martinez
Z Lev does a nice profile on J.D. Martinez

Happ could make Houston forget Oswalt
Tim Povatk at Fox Sports Houston expects more from J.A. Happ