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Super Sunday Links 20 March 2011

While the Astros were whittling down their roster, I was whittling down links for your precious time.



Don’t say I didn’t warn you if J.D. Martinez becomes the Astros next top prospect » Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Little late on the link, but this is a good profile on prospect J.D. Martinez.

To Demote or Promote? | FanGraphs Baseball
Are organizations wrong for keeping prospects in the minors to avoid starting their service time, or is there another purpose.



Joe Posnanski » Posts Inspiration and Perspiration «
An indepth look at wOBA and two if it's weighted components.

Aggregate Defensive Ratings | FanGraphs Baseball
A new stat that combines the advanced defensive stats UZR, DRS, TZL, and FSR (Fan Scouting Report) into one defensive metric designated ADR.




Several springs later ... a nod to Ed Wade -
Wade get's some love.

Ng Disappointed at Lack of Women in MLB | FanGraphs Baseball
A look at the current state of women in baseball


More links after the jump


Houston Astros' rotation an underrated group - ESPN
A well done profile on Arnsberg and the pitching staff.


Where are they now?

Everett aims to continue with Indians - Wire - Lifestyle -
An update on former Astro Adam Everett.

Joe Sports Fan Topps is producing ridiculous Lance Berkman baseball cards. Two can play this game.
Lance at Busch