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TCB's Odds and Ends

A few things to talk about today, so I'm going with a short post on multiple housekeeping things. First up, today's Spring Training game against Baltimore will air on MLB Network at noon. The Network will also be showing the Astros' 30 for 30 special tonight at 7 p.m., so tune in to see what Harold Reynolds and company have to say about the Astros this season. Just don't ask Harold about OBP.

Secondly, I've (finally) started the TCB Fantasy League. This year, it'll be a rotisserie setup with 12 owners. Well, there are 11 available right now, since I signed up for one of them. I'm not sure how many of the other writers on the site will join, so email me quickly to secure your spot.

I'd also like to know how many of you are interested in trying another "TCB At The Ballpark" event. I've put a poll up, just like we did last spring. My goal is, if there is enough interest, to set a date before the end of spring training so that everyone will have ample time to buy tickets and make plans to come to the game. That is, if you want to get together with this site's crazy cast of characters. If we can't get enough people together for a group outing, I may just talk to Footer about hijacking one of her Social Media Days with TCBers.

Finally, after the jump, I'm finally announcing the TCB Summer Internship. As I explain, it's open just to Texas A&M students right now, simply because my boss (who's being incredibly generous by allowing me to do this) works for the University and wanted it set up that way. If you don't go to A&M and still would like to write for TCB, you can always drop me an email and we can talk about possibilities.

This internship is an opportunity for a college student to get experience writing about sports on the internet. Through ten weeks of writing about a major league baseball team for The Crawfish Boxes, the intern will get a solid foundation in writing and editing sports stories, while exploring the similarities and differences in writing for print and the web.

Topics will include the basics of writing game stories and features, developing interviewing skills, successfully using social media, dealing with commenters and technical skills for podcasting and live chats.

Up to three hours of course credit will be offered to students attending Texas A&M. Work hours will be in the evenings from Monday through Friday. There will also be two meetings per week with the site manager which will be arranged around the intern’s schedule. If interested, please submit a resume and 2-4 writing samples to David Coleman at m.david.coleman AT Deadline for consideration is March 31st.

Material required for internship: working internet connection and computer, AP Stylebook, either radio feed or TV with ability to watch Houston Astros games (Fox Sports Houston or Fox Sports Southwest)