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Super Sunday Links 13 March 2011

While Cameron Diaz was taking in an Astros game, I was getting some smooth links together for your viewing pleasure.


Link(s) of the Week

Back To Baseball - Take me back to the ballgame! Re-live your favorite baseball games of the past
Absolutely amazing!

Tommy John surgery becoming less risky with new procedures - Will Carroll -
A must-read on what Tommy John surgery means now. 



Prospect Smackdown: Kyle Gibson vs. Jordan Lyles - Minor League Ball
Prospect Comparison: Kyle Gibson of the Minnesota Twins vs. Jordan Lyles of the Houston Astros

Ultimate Astros » 20-year-old hurler Lyles wise beyond his years
20-year-old hurler Lyles wise beyond his years

Baseball Beginnings » Scouting Summary: Dylan Bundy, RHP, Owasso (OK) HS (2011 Draft)
Someone recently suggested that the high school players might fall a little in this draft because it's so deep. Does that mean Bundy might get to No. 11 and the Astros?

Astros scouts keeping an eye on Kentucky RHP Alex Meyer - Houston Houston Astros |
Stephen Goff has been on fire with the draft previews

Free Lainer Bueno! | It's About The Money
Think the Minor League drug testing program is foolproof? Read that story. 



Babes Love Baseball: Season Previews: Houston Astros
Move over farmstros there's a new haiku guru in town.

2011 Houston Astros Preview - A Look Ahead At The Houston Astros
I like that did a sports preview. Quick, clean, and simple.

2011 Houston Astros Season Preview - Predictions, MLB Baseball Handicapping
It hurts, but it's fair.

More links after the jump

Outside the Lines

Ultimate Astros " Hello, citizens!!
James Yasko takes a look at the attendance numbers for the past several years.

Eight Men In: Baseball Movie Managers « The Pecan Park Eagle
Bill McCurdy goes over a list of his 8 actors who played managers in a baseball movie.

Mechanical flaw will be red flag for Nationals' Stephen Strasburg - Tom Verducci -
Verducci explores the red flags accompanying Stephen Strasburg's mechanics. Our very own contributor baggs last year posted his own 101 FanShot on pitching mechanics.

Everything you wanted to know about baseball’s upcoming labor negotiations | HardballTalk
Think about this when you read the 1,000th story on the NFL's lockout over the next few months.

Clint Barmes talks about the deer meat injury | HardballTalk
Can we still call him "Deer Meat"? Yes, yes we can.



Joe Posnanski " Posts My Guide to Stats: Offense "
A run down on some of the newer stats used around here.

Who would make the Astros if
Greg Lucas has his own take on the Spring Training statistics to date, and looks at who would be a starter if stats were given full value.

Made You Miss: Best Whiff Rates of 2010 - Beyond the Box Score
Who did the best job missing bats in 2010? Not any Astros, unfortunately

Developing Plate Discipline - Beyond the Box Score
A look at whether plate discipline can be learned. Interesting to think about since Houston has so many hitters without good walk rates.

Michael Bourn: Making the Most of His Opportunities - Beyond the Box Score
Looking at how good Michael Bourn has been and what players he compares to.

Adjustments by the Freak
I thought this was interesting in the context of Jordan Lyles' fastball. He hasn't lost velocity like Lincecum, but a pitcher can be the ace of a staff without a big fastball.



David Laurila Interviews Ex-Orioles Manager Dave Trembley -
An insightful interview on being a manager, with former Orioles manager Dave Trembley.



What Percival Taught Friedman | FanGraphs Baseball
So Ed Wade gets crap about signing relievers but Friedman is considered one of the best in the game? Oh, right, his team also wins games...

Harper quiets heckler with two-run double | News
Don't poke the bear, Astros fans.