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It's time to introduce the facepalm Astro fans

If you play video games regularly or spend a good deal of time on the internet you probably already know what I mean by "facepalm". If you don't, that's okay I've brought pictures.

There's no use looking it up in a dictionary, it's not there. My auto corrector (the red squiggly line under incorrectly spelled words) gives the suggestion that it should be: face palm, face-palm, faceplate, faceless, and facecloth. Well let's just add that right now so that annoying line doesn't show up anymore. I fear I may be using it a lot this season.

Wikipedia probably has the best description:

"a colloquial term referring to the physical gesture of striking one's own face in a display of exasperation. It is similar in function to a sigh. In Internet discussions, the term is used as an expression of embarrassment, frustration, disbelief, disgust or general woe. It is also used when the person making the gesture does not believe that words can express the level of idiocy."

I found this floating around the internet:


I bring this up because of what Ed Wade recently said via Zachary Levine who has this on the plan at first base:

He is considered a last resort for the position as Brett Wallace still has the inside track, and general manager Ed Wade said that it’s more likely that potential utility players like Matt Downs and Brian Bogusevic will get the bulk of the time at first base that Wallace isn’t manning.


Now I'm probably overreacting and this is just for Spring Training, but when the regular season starts there are two scenarios involving Carlos Lee and Brett Wallace. Wallace is the starter at first base, and Lee is in the outfield, or both are manning first base, Lee in Houston and Wallace in Oklahoma City. Even if Wallace is the opening day first baseman, Lee should still be the second man in line to man the first base position.

The only way I don't see Lee receiving throws from the other infielders at first base, at some point this season, is if he's injured. Other than that an injury, offday or ineffectivness from Wallace, El Caballo should be trotting out to first base, not another utility player. The only way Downs, Bogusevic, or any other utility player should be fielding at first base is if both Lee and Wallace are injured, and quite frankly both seem to do a very good job of avoiding injuries. Even if that scenario were to happen the Astros would probably be better off moving Chris Johnson to first and plugging in Downs at third, and Bogusevic in left field. Maybe Koby Clemens would warrant a call-up to man first base.

It would behoove the Astros to take advantage of  every opportunity to get Lee off the outfield grass and into the infield dirt during the season. His defense is just that bad, and it negates anything of value he provides offensively. Look at it this way every moment he spends at first, is positive value the Astros receive back in return on their unwise investment.

Again maybe I'm taking this out of context, but I don't like this line of thinking. Lee should be plan B at first base, not a last resort.