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Hunter Pence Tweets For Charity

In a recent interview with Alyson Footer over at Breathing Orange Fire, she said one of the biggest changes we'll probably see with athletes is they'll start to tweet more, interacting with fans one on one in a new way. We've already seen that Hunter Pence is an active presence on Twitter, talking about his day, retweeting articles about his new baseball center and generally being himself.

Well, he and a host of other celebrities have teamed up at TwitChange to auction off different Twitter actions to benefit Operation Once In A Lifetime, which provides financial and moral support to the troops. It's a good cause, and you could win all different sorts of prizes here, like:

  • Hunter Pence could follow you
  • Hunter Pence could retweet your message
  • Hunter Pence could mention you in his message
  • You could win all three at the same time

Pence is also throwing in a free autographed baseball to every package. Currently, the lowest bid is for the retweet, and that's at 26 dollars. To get Hunter to follow you will cost you 76 dollars and all three costs just 55 dollars right now. Bidding will run through Saturday, so you have a little over 36 hours to take care of business and win some Hunter Pence Twitter Magic.

Did I mention Mike Leake is also participating in this*? And that we need to crush the soul of any Cincinnati baseball fans now while we still can? Go out, Houston fans, be generous and earn more money for Operation Once In A Lifetime than those stupid Reds fans can bring in.

*Sadly, I was not asked to auction off my Twitter account. Don't think I'll forget this, TwitChange...