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Super Sunday Links 27 Feb 2011

While the Astros were picking teams sandlot style, I was putting together some refreshing links for you thirst quenching viewing pleasure.

Spring Training

Farmstros: Intra-Squad Rosters
Farmstros has a list of the players who will be playing in today's intra-squad game. Who you got? Vote for the team you think will win in the poll.

Without Lance Berkman, Roy Oswalt Houston Astros start over - Joe Lemire -
Joe Lemire visits the Astros in Kissimmiee

Business side of Baseball

With Ruling, Hunter Pence Sets Record for Second-Time Salary Arbitration Position Player
What Pence's win in arbitration means for future arbitration cases.


Get Involved: ERA, FIP and xFIP - Purple Row
The Colorado Rockies blog of SB Nation, does a wonderful job of explaining Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP) and what it means.


Barnett charged with bettering Astros' poor '10 numbers | Baseball | - Houston Chronicle
A nice interview with the Astros new hitting coach Mike Barnett