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What Is Roger Clemens' Legacy With The Astros?

How will you remember Roger Clemens?
How will you remember Roger Clemens?

Yes, he's in the news again. Roger Clemens has been the epitome of Bad News for the past few years, ending his storied career and his time with the Astros cloaked in something less than glory.

He only pitched for the Astros for three seasons. In that time, he made 84 starts, struck out 505 and had an ERA+ of 180. He has the lowest career ERA in Astros history and the third-lowest single season ERA. He was a key cog to the first Astros team to win a playoff series and the first Houston squad to win the National League pennant.

But, what will his legacy as an Astro be? I don't see the team retiring his number. I don't think fans will demand it. In fact, with all that's gone on since then, do fans view him with more suspicion or veneration? How will Roger Clemens' time with Houston be remembered, if it's remembered at all?

That's what I thought about when I've read the recent stories on Clemens and his pending trial. For all the steroid allegations and sordid details of his life, is Clemens still a Favored Son of Texas? I know the only pitcher who generated a buzz around his starts equal to Clemens was Randy Johnson. Clemens walking out of the bullpen during the 18-inning game was something out of a sports movie. It was one of my favorite moments in one of my favorite Astros games of all time.

And yet...

Clemens just doesn't feel like an iconic Astro to me. He doesn't have the cache of a Larry Dierker or even a Mike Scott. I'm not sure if it's because he wasn't here for very long or if it's because of all the trouble at the end of his career. But, Clemens definitely feels different to me. What about you? How do you view Clemens legacy as an Astro? Will things change in your mind if he's convicted? If he's acquitted?