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Jeff Luhnow Is The Astros New General Manager

Take a bow, clack.

The guy you brought up as a possibility got the job as the newest Astros GM Wednesday night. On Thursday, Houston will hold a press conference to announce former St. Louis Cardinals vice president for player procurement will be named as the general manager of the Houston Astros.

You'll have to excuse me if I can't form full sentences here. I'm a little taken aback.

Luhnow. Advanced metrics. Outsider. Ummmm....

What? Is this the same Astros organization I've been pulling for all these years? The one that drove me crazy for not respecting things like OBP and leverage situations? What is going on here?

Luhnow has everything you could want in a GM. He's got the background at building a farm system, a proven track record at drafting and developing major league contributors, plus he cares about developing his own player metrics in those evaluations.

Basically, he's exactly the kind of guy that Andrew Friedman or Theo Epstein would be, without success in the top job.

Remember, though, when the Cardinals and Walt Jocketty parted ways, it was in large part because they wanted to keep Luhnow around. Cards GM John Mozeliak and Luhnow had to work well together, a situation that led to a World Series title this past season.

Luhnow probably wasn't as flashy a choice as Friedman would have been, but he's got a better track record than J.J. Picollo and narrowly beats out Bill Geivett on the big league success thing. Do you know who he reminds me of? Daryl Morey, down to both of them being on Twitter. I think Postolos has found the Astros a numbers-centric guy to revamp the farm system and create a winner.

Now let's go get some players.