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Super Sunday Links 11 December 2011

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Little late getting these up, but here they are, enjoy.

Interviews and Profiles

What the Heck, Bobby?: An Interview with LHP Kyle Hallock
Interview with Kyle Hallock

Ultimate Astros " How does Brad Mills fit into the Astros future?
Steven Campbell with an interesting profile on Mills and his analytical side. It sounds like he's got the right idea, he just needs to work out some of the kinks (playing Sanchez more than Downs).

Winter Meetings interview with Brad Mills | News
Q and A with Brad Mills

Contracts and Business

A Graphic Look at MLB Contracts, the 100 Milli Club - Beyond the Box Score
Who's got the best/worst contracts in baseball? Is anyone who is given a $100M+ contract set up to under-produce compared to the cost paid?

Hutchings returns home to run Rockets-Astros network - Houston Chronicle
It appears the Astros and Rockets RSN has found their general manager.


2011 Rule 5 Baseball Draft Results and Reports - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

Rhiner Cruz? 1st Pick? Seriously? | FanGraphs Baseball
If you thought Cruz was a confusing pick, you weren't the only one.


Commanding the Zone | FanGraphs Baseball
By Josh Weinstock