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Thoughts On TCB's Top 30 And A Reader Prospect List

So, I have a few wrap-up type thoughts on our Top 30 podcasts and the list we came up with. Let's move to the bullet points: 


  • Adam Bailey deserves to be a C prospect and probably deserves to be listed above Dan Adamson. But, Bailey is only interesting because he hit 16 home runs in Lexington as a 23-year old. You're not going to find many players like that on prospect lists. Bailey did have some success at Corpus Christi, but also featured an unsustainable BABiP and an absolutely terrible walk rate. I still think Adamson has value because he can play center field and has good power, though he had a terrible 2011 season. Bailey is limited by his defense and needs to keep hitting to provide value. Still, he could end up with the upside of a Jacob Goebbert pretty easily with another good season.
  • Another pair of prospects that I'm torn on is Dallas Keuchel and Ross Seaton. They showed similar numbers this season, but the difference is that Seaton is a year and a half younger and Keuchel has a slightly better strikeout rate in the past. Both are showing signs they might actually make it to the majors, but it's not looking like either will make a big impact.
  • Another pair I wonder about is the third base duo of Jonathan Meyer and MIke Kvasnicka. I didn't love the Kvas pick when the Astros made it and he hasn't shown nearly enough to prove he's got the bat to stick at third. Of course, it's not like Meyer has either. Of the two, Meyer has the age and walk rate edge, but Kvas has really only his draft position. However, Kvas also has the ability to play different positions and can still move back to catcher. It's a thin line and isn't enough to separate them materially, as both are still probably C-level prospects.
  • Jordan Scott is going to pop up on some lists, though his numbers weren't entirely compelling. He's not Chase Davidson in that respect, but he is more athletic. He's also got some speed and stolen base ability, but he got ranked No. 14 on Baseball Prospectus' list because of his bat. Like a lot of the prospects above him, he'll get ranked higher because of his potential, not his production.
  • If we're talking about players who are closest to the majors, you have to look at Brett Oberholtzer, Paul Clemens and Goebbert. Of those, Clemens probably has the chance to make the most impact, possibly putting up a season like Bud Norris in 2009.
  • For those who were asking, I think J.D. Martinez, Jose Altuve and Jimmy Paredes still slot behind the top three on our list. 

After the jump, I've set up a Google form you can use to rank your own Top 30 prospects. Just enter the names and grades you want in the form below and we'll compile all your answers into one list. Let's give it a week and then I'll publish those results along with our list.