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What? Andrew Friedman Is In Play? No

I'm sorry. I refuse to accept that Andrew Friedman is a possibility to join the Astros organization until they hold the press conference announcing his contract.

Until then, any news that leaks, like the Astros asking to interview the Rays GM, will be openly scoffed at by yours truly.

There are too many reasons why he won't come.

This team is bad.

They have no money to spend.

They have a bad (if improving) farm system that still lacks pitching depth.

They're moving into a division with four very good front offices and a two-time World Series loser.

He's got a good deal right now in Tampa Bay, running a team with people he likes and having success with his system that's becoming productive.

Weigh all that against the one reason why Friedman would come to Houston. It's his hometown.

Well, that and the piles and piles and piles of money that Jim Crane would have to pay him. I really like Friedman and think he'd make a very smart hire for Houston. I'm just not confident at all that it'll happen. Houston needs to reach for developing a talent like Friedman.

That's why I think giving one of the Rangers guys a chance makes sense. I'd love to get a shot at David Forst, but really can't see him leaving Oakland, when he's basically a GM-in-waiting out there. Why would he leave that situation for Houston?

No, I won't let those crafty Astros suck me in to getting too worked up about this news. I'll just go about my business, being bummed out about the AL move and wait until they give me something to believe in.

What about you? I know some of you are ready to forgive Crane if he can pull off a Friedman hire. What do you think the chances of that happening are? Will that really soften Crane's reception here in Houston?