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Super Sunday Links 27 November 2011

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While you were eating turkey, shopping and resting I was putting together these links for your viewing pleasure.

Changes Are Coming

MLB Labor Deal Update: Increased Minimum Salary, hGH Testing, Additional Players in Salary Arb, More
By Maury Brown

Houston Astros' Sale Includes Move to the American League: Fan's Take - Yahoo! Sports
A Red fans take on the move of the Astros.

LWIB: New Amatuer Draft Rules in MLB, Changes for Intl. Free Agency, Plus Tidbits
This week in "Last Week in BizBall", changes expected to both the amateur draft and international free agent market, plus tidbits.

Did a Steinbrenner Write the New CBA? | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron dives into the new CBA. The TLDR version is a cap will be instituted for rebuilding (Astros) or small market teams trying to compete via the draft and international signings. The rich just got a clear competitive advantage in their favor.

Inside MLB's New 5-Year Labor Agreement
The wordage for the new CBA. If you're into that sort of thing.



Astros Stuff

Houston Astros Shadow System Update - MLB Bonus Baby
Deals with the draft.

Houston Astros Top 20 Prospects for 2012 - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

Ultimate Astros " New Astros president Postolos ready to play ball
By David Barron



Other Stuff

Late Bloomers & Imports: The Best Players To Debut At 28 Or Older - Beyond the Box Score
These players didn't get to MLB until they were already past the normal peak age, yet they had productive careers. Exhibit A of why I support Brian Bogusevic for starter.