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TCB Podcast Episode 24

TCB Podcast EP 15
TCB Podcast EP 15

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In this episode David Coleman, Sean Feist and special guest James Yasko from Astros County join me to discuss the sale of the Astros. Among the things we cover are:

  • The sale duh

BREAKING NEWS: We just received this in the mail at the TCB HQ's and It appears to be addressed to the Astros new owner:


It appears that Jim Crane is stepping into a worse situation than previously thought. Not only are the Astros being moved to the American League West but it also appears that attendance will be hostage unless the demands above are meet. Speculation is that the fanbase upset, with the move, have decided to take improvements at the ballpark into their own hands. One can only hope and pray that a quick resolution is found for this tragedy.

Stay tuned to to TCB for up to date coverage on this developing story.


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