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The Day Of Astros Judgment Has Come

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Well, it's finally here. Jim Crane is set to be approved as the newest owner of the Houston Astros today.

With that, the Astros are also moving to the American League in a move that will not be announced today but is inevitable at this point. 

I, for one, welcome our new American League overlords. I'd also like to remind them that, as a trusted Astros blogging personality, I can help round up fans to toil in their underground designated hitter mines.

Just think about all the good things we'll get now that the Astros are in the better league. First of all, we get to be superior to the National League. We get to win All-Star games in bunches. We get to see more offense. It's win-win.

Oh, did I mention we'll also get to be mentioned more regularly in Bill Simmons' baseball posts? Plus, we get reasons to actively root against the Yankees and the Red Sox. I do it anyways, but now, it'll feel like that dislike is self-evident now. Plus, it's hard to root against the Phillies and Braves the same way. There are too many ex-Astros on those teams.

Did I mention the Texas Rangers? And that Nolan Ryan thug? The only league where Houston and Dallas can take their rivalry intra-divisional is in basketball. Isn't it fun for all you Rockets fans to root against the Mavericks in all those games each and every year? It's almost as much fun as rooting against the Spurs.

No, this new world order is going to work out all right. Heck, anything that gives Carlos Lee a chance to stick around for longer is fine by me. Oh, and a position for Brett Wallace? Much better than having Anthony Gose in the system, right?

All those pesky bunting situations? Gone. They don't bunt in the American League. That makes Brad Mills' job much, much easier. He can focus on coaching up the young kids and getting them to play better. Maybe they can put on another run like the end of 2010 with him concentrating less on bunting.

Let's welcome the change. Don't fight it Astros fans. It's for the best. It's what you want. You just don't know it yet.

Also, cut Jim Crane some slack. He didn't do this to the Astros. Major League Baseball did. The other 29 owners did. It was inevitable, because not even Drayton could fight it. You know how I know? Drayton gave up $35 million of his purchase price to make sure this sale and move went through. Have you ever known Drayton to voluntarily give up money for no reason? No, he had to, just like Crane had to accept. 

Embrace the change. Live in the new day. Down with the Rangers. All Hail The American League.