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Jim Crane Approved As New Astros Owner

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The moment is finally hear. Jim Crane was unanimously approved as the Astros new owner.

We'll be using this thread as a way to keep you updated on the news through out the day and for people to discuss the sale. Over the past few days we've already learned a lot of information. If you haven't heard the Astros appear set to make a move in 2013 to the American League West with the likes of the Rangers, Athletics, Angels and Mariners.

A majority of the fan base is upset with this move and rightfully so. The Astros are only in this predicament because of circumstances. A bad team, a change in ownership, an owner with a controversial past all adds up to one thing, leverage. With no other National League teams volunteering to make the jump to the other leagues Bud Selig took hold of that leverage and dragged the approval process out until Crane either accepted to move the team or walked. Crane with some leverage of his own (walking) settled for a reduction in the sale price of the team.

While we've speculated about Crane should do with this money (investing in the draft, free agency, etc.) it's most likely going against the debt that's owed, which shouldn't be overlooked. Less debt is one step closer to a thriving organization.

With that in mind and the holiday's fast approaching lets kick off some discussion. What is the one thing you would like from the Astros new owner?

Hit the jump for links leading up to the approval of the sale with new links and news added through out the day. Make sure to check back regularly for the latest. Feel free to post any links I may of missed. We'll also be doing a special podcast recording tonight so send in any questions you have to

Remember to keep the discussion civil or I'll go all Strong Bad on your comment.

EDIT: More links added - 10:45 AM

EDIT: Jim Crane has been approved as Astros new owner 

Press Conference is scheduled for 3:30 PM CDT today. It will be streamed live on and aired on Fox Sports Houston.

Sale Links

Ultimate Astros " So why weren’t two 15-team leagues in the original plan? Actually, they were
I love the map Levine has of all the Major League teams. Moving the Astros at west doesn't seem as silly as it was. I am also starting to see several fans point about moving the Brewers back to the AL and having either the Twins or Royals move out West. Still it's much "nicer" to tick off one fan base rather than two.

Ultimate Astros " Jim Crane sure hopes the marriage is better than the honeymoon
Steve Campbell talks about Jim Crane taking over the Astros.

Jim Crane’s No-Win Situation with the Astros
Maury Brown makes a case for going easy on Crane.

How to revamp schedule after Astros move –
An in-depth look at what the Astros move to the American League does for the 29 other teams of the league. For those of you asking how this is good for baseball this may provide some answers.

Astros sale to include $70M for move to AL | News
By Brian McTaggart

Ultimate Astros " Crane to receive $70 million discount for Astros’ switch to American League
by Richard Justice

Just What Is Jim Crane Buying In The Houston Astros? - Baseball Nation
Drayton McLane is finally handing over the Astros, but only after the team was run into the ground.

Ultimate Astros " I loathe a move to the AL West, but it’s not the end of the world
By Chip Bailey

Disparity and Competitive Balance - JSOnline
Nicholas Zettel from Bernies Crew takes a look at competitive balance in baseball and whether or not the Astros or any other team switching leagues will improve balance. I'd like to reiterate that it's the players association that want the even leagues. Even leagues means even chance of players making the playoffs regardless of league. They get extra money for making the playoffs.


Updated Links - 8:30 AM

Drayton McLane: Astros sale vote coming Thursday | News
Interesting quotes from Drayton and it looks like the AL move will be announced with the new CBA.

Ultimate Astros " Astros’ impending move to AL not a hit with fans
By Zachary Levine

Ultimate Astros " Local attorney says Astros’ move to AL violates lease agreement
Someone's found something

Angels among clubs not thrilled with moving the Astros to AL West -
Not everyone in the AL is excited about the Astros switching leagues. Also I think there's something to doing realignment right instead of just doing it the easiest way possible.


Updated Links 9:35 AM

The Hot Stone League | Astros' pending move to AL West not popular with their fans | Seattle Times Newspaper
Larry Stone discusses how unpopular the move to the AL is among Astro fans. One of our commenters get's quoted in the article. Hat tip to Astros County.

The Houston Astros Are Moving, And The Fan Base Will Survive - Baseball Nation
In time for the 2013 regular season, the Houston Astros will shift to the American League, and a number of their fans are very upset. Those fans, though, are going to stick with the team that they chose. 


Updated Links 10:45 AM

The Unspoken Letters Regarding The Astros AL Move: 'DH' - Baseball Nation
Will the adoption of the DH in the National League be an inevitable result of the Astros' upcoming move to the American League?


Post Approval Links - Updated: 1:58 PM

Ultimate Astros " Jim Crane officially approved as Astros’ new owner; Astros moving to American League
By Richard Justice

Who’s the DH of the future? " Tag's Lines
Brian McTaggart looks ahead at possible designated hitter candidates.

Ultimate Astros " First five things on Jim Crane’s to-do list as new Astros owner
By Steve Campbell

Ultimate Astros " Q&A with new Astros owner Jim Crane
Richard Justice conducts a quick interview with Crane.

Stop complaining about changes in baseball -
By Matt Snyder