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TCB Reader Top 30 Prospect List

It's a little late, but here is the results from the TCB Reader Top 30 Prospect list. There were 19 entries into the field with some people ranking 30 prospects and others ranking just a few.

There were some prospects listed on all 19 ballots, but there's also some guys who were listed on just one. To control for the numbers of ballots submitted, I did two things. First of all, I averaged all the scores based on the number of ballots submitted. That way, the average listed is the one for 10, or 5, or 19. 

To make it fair and keep someone like Carlos Quevedo from finishing in the top 3 because he was listed on one ballot with a 7, I also weighted the grades based on how many ballots the players appeared on. To accomplish this, I broke the list up into three sections. I discounted all the players who were only listed on one ballot and then broke the rest of the names up into three sections.

For players who appeared on between 19 to 13 ballots, I weighted their scores by 3, then from 12 to 7 I weighted by 2 and the last group I left on their own, then sorted by the new totals. 

That only caused a problem on two or three of the grades. Telvin Nash and Jack Armstrong could have flip flopped but Nash was listed on more ballots, so he got the tiebreaker. Also, the bottom of the ballot could have turned over, as Dallas Keuchel had the lowest score in the Top 30, but was listed on more ballots than all the ones below him.

Anyways, enough with the hows, let's get to the list. After the jump, I'll have a couple thoughts on how things shook out.

1)  Jonathan Singleton 7.63

2)   Jarred Cosart 7.61

3)   George Springer 7.29

4)   Jonathan Villar 6.00

5)   Domingo Santana 5.44

6)   Paul Clemens 5.33

7)   Ariel Ovando 5.14

8)   Brett Oberholtzer 5.06

9)   Delino Deshields 5.00

10)   Mike Foltynewciz 4.94

11)   Adrian Houser 4.92

12)   Austin Wates 4.69

13)   Telvin Nash 4.31

14)   Jack Armstrong 4.58

15)   Vincent Velasquez 4.00

16)   Chris Wallace 3.83

17)   Jiovanni Mier 3.75

18)   Nicholas Tropeano 3.70

19)   Tanner Bushue 3.67

20)   Kody Hinze 3.58

21)   Jacob Goebbert 3.55

22)   Ross Seaton 3.45

23)   Mike Kvasnicka 3.44

24)   Adam Bailey 3.38

25)   Jonathan Meyer 3.38

26)   Dallas Keuchel 3.27

27)   Dan Adamson 4.00

28)   Kyle Hallock 3.83

29)   Jay Austin 3.75

30)   Josh Zeid 3.67      

The top didn't change much, as Singleton, Cosart and Springer were in the same order as our TCB list. 

From there on, it was mainly just changing the deck chairs around a bit. Jio Mier was much lower than on our list as was Austin Wates, while Brett Oberholtzer was higher. Ross Seaton also showed up much higher because he was listed on so many ballots. He's probably pretty firmly graded there as a Type C guy and may bend up to C+ if he takes a step forward next year.

Nice to see Adam Bailey get corrected onto the list. He's pretty well ranked there, since there are a ton of Type C guys that are all pretty evenly clustered.

Other than that, it's a great list and a big thanks to everyone who submitted ballots.