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Super Sunday Links 13 November 2011

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Before going on vacation I decided to put together these links for your viewing pleasure.


The MLB Draft

A Recipe for Competitive Imbalance | FanGraphs Baseball
Talking draft compensation via free agency.

Hard Slotting Is Bad For Baseball | FanGraphs Baseball
An article on the proposed hard slotting system for the draft.

Battle of the 2008 Top 100s | Project Prospect
Ratings and rankings on some of the National prospect evaluators.




The Johnson behind the Johnson Effect
A wonderful interview with Bryan Johnson. | Happ reflects on 2010 trade, trip back to minor leagues in Princeton, IL and Bureau County, IL
An interview with J.A. Happ.



Astro Related Links

Appy Astros: Jose Altuve is the LVBP Player of the Week
Jose Altuve collects an award and officers shoot off rockets?

Ultimate Astros " Berkman calls potential for Astros move to AL ‘a travesty’
Your white knight?

Houston, we have problems (and fixes) | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
Jose Altuve, Jimmy Paredes and J.D. Martinez proved to be positives in an Astros system that struggled on the field from Triple-A on down.


All Things Baseball

2011 Power Rankings In Graphs | FanGraphs Baseball
I thought it was interesting that even with the season the Astros had their value rose in the power rankings through out the season.

Bang for their buck
Which general managers have spent their money most wisely?

Money Wins: Is There Enough Parity In Baseball? | FanGraphs Baseball
A look at parity in the MLB.

October Pain for General Managers | FanGraphs Baseball
Some interesting notes about GM firings.

Happy 8th Birthday AN and SB Nation! - Athletics Nation
This article by founder Tyler Bleszinski discusses the creation of SB Nation.