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SB Nation Pitcher of the Year Award

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I know, I know, I'm behind schedule getting this out there. It was supposed to be released Wednesday, and, least you're getting it before the NL MVP voting, which should be released at noon today.

So, in the NL this year, the voting was so close between Roy Halladay and Clayton Kershaw that we had a tie. Here are the full voting results: 

Num Name 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Total
1 Roy Halladay 13 13 2 149
2 Clayton Kershaw 14 11 2 1 149
3 Cliff Lee 4 21 2 83
4 Ian Kennedy 3 14 6 43
5 Cole Hamels 1 7 8 29
6 Madison Bumgarner 2 3 7
7 Tim Lincecum 1 4 6
8 Matt Cain 1 3 5
9 Chris Carpenter 1 2
10 Johnny Cueto 1 1
11 Zach Greinke 1 1
12 Craig Kimbrel 1 1


Tim and I both voted on this, with our votes below:

David - Roy Halladay, Clayton Kershaw, Cliff Lee, Tim Lincecum, Zach Greinke

Tim - Halladay, Lee, Kershaw, Cole Hamels, Ian Kennedy

I was a little surprised I had the only fourth place vote for Lincecum and the only vote period for Greinke. Both had very good seasons, but I think the voting shows that there were a bunch of guys at the end of the list who were very close. It's really a coin flip between Bumgarner, Lincecum, Cain and Carpenter for those last few spots. 

What do you think? Who deserves the award? Are you surprised there was a tie?