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TCB Podcast: Top 30 Prospects - Part 1

TCB Podcast EP 15
TCB Podcast EP 15

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TCB Podcast ready and willing to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums.

In this episode Sean Feist, and special guest Jayne Hansen who writes for the blog What the Heck, Bobby? Discuss the Astros Minor League prospects and unveil our Top 30 prospects. Some of the names we'll be discussing outside the Top 30 are:

63 Koby Clemens
61 Jay Austin
47 Chia-Jen Lo
38 Ben Heath
35 Juan Abreu

After discussing these names and a couple others that were not on the list we dove into our Top 30 prospects list. We actually had four players tied at 30 and set about determining who would be that 30th ranked prospect.

Rankings and player after the jump.

We split the vote on the 30th prospect and created a new prospect named Jordan Keuchel. So since we were split I've decided we'll have a reader poll to determine the final prospect.

t-30 Jordan Scott
t-30 Josh Zeid
t-30 Tom Shirley
t-30 Dallas Keuchel
29 Chase Davidson
28 Dan Adamson
27 Jonathan Meyer
26 Jake Buchanan
25 Javaris Reynolds

In the next hour we'll be discussing prospects from 24 to 13 and some other totally off topic and random things.


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