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Fall / Winter League Update

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HOUSTON, TX - JULY 20: Second baseman Jose Altuve. (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)
HOUSTON, TX - JULY 20: Second baseman Jose Altuve. (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)
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I have seen a comment or two asking for an update on Astros' fall and winter league performance.  Since I was curious to look up those stats for the Dominican, Venezuelan, and Arizona off-season leagues,  it doesn't hurt to expand this to a story.  As most of you know already, off-season league stats should be taken with a grain of salt.  The Arizona Fall League has some top prospects as well as a few suspects.  The Dominican and Venezuelan winter leagues are mixed bags, in terms of the quality of players.  And of course the sample sizes are quite small.  Still, it's nice to see how Astros' prospects are performing in the off-season.

Jose Altuve, Jimmy Paredes, Brian Bogusevic, and Jay Austin are among the hitters who have gotten off to great starts.  Among the pitchers, Sergio Perez also has gotten off to a nice start.  Dallas Keuchel has pitched quite a bit in the Arizona Fall League with some mixed results.  Several of the pitchers have been used as relievers, and the sample sizes are quite small at this point.


Hitters (ordered by OBP) Minimum 10 at bats

(Lg., AB, OBP, OPS)

Altuve, V, 37, .395, .909

Austin, A, 23, .393, .741

Hernandez, D, 36, .390, .807

Castro, A, 15, .368, .635

Bogusevic, D, 35, .368, .826

Wallace, D, 32, .357, .670

Navarro, V, 41, .354, .744

Hinze, A, 42, .354, .783

Paredes, D, 10, .349, .837

Goebbert, A, 41, .261, .651


Castro's batting average is only .200, but he has walked 4 times.

Brett Wallace has a 32% strike out rate and a 25% walk rate.

Most HRs: Hinze and Goebbert with 2 each.

Most Triples: Altuve with 3.


Pitchers (Ordered by ERA) Minimum 8 IP

(Lg., ERA, IP, BA-against, K, BB)

Perez, V, 1.32, 13.2, .286, 17, 5

Keuchel, A, 4.50, 16, .238, 10, 0

A. Rodriguez, D, 5.19, 8.2,.265, 9, 2

Stoffel, A, 7.00, 9.0, .286, 10, 10