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Super Sunday Links 23 October 2011

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While watching a wonderfully competitive World Series, I was putting together these links for you viewing pleasure. Really if you're not watching the World Series you're missing out.


Astros Minor Leagues

Offseason Notes for October 17th | FanGraphs Baseball
Kody Hinze makes an appearance on FanGraphs SCOUT leaderboard for the Arizone Fall League.


Offseason Notes for October 19th | FanGraphs Baseball
Kody Hinze still on the SCOUT leaderboard.



Farmstros: Lyles Turns 21 Tomorrow
Mike Tauser checks in with Jordan Lyles.


Ultimate Astros » Happy 21st, Jordan Lyles; blow out the candles and wish to make this list
Happy 21st, Jordan Lyles; blow out the candles and wish to make this list. Zachary Levine looks at players in their 21 year old season.





Astros Major Leagues

Ultimate Astros » Crane is in more of a position of power than people think
Steve Campbell with a good roundup on Jim Crane, getting approved and a possible switch to the AL.

2012 Roster Projection: Houston Astros - MLB Daily Dish
Over at MLBDD, we're beginning a series that projects the 2012 25-man roster for each team based on players already under contract. We're going in the reverse order of win-loss record, so today we kick things off with the Houston Astros. There is no way Angel Sanchez is batting 8th.


What the Heck, Bobby?: Houston to the AL? The Five Stages of Grief
Lot of fans are talking about giving up the Astros if they switch leagues. I think those fans are in the minority. Sure some will follow through on that promise, while others will get over it.


Anatomy of a Baseball Trade - Businessweek


Farmstros: Welcome to the AL, Astros. Love, Allan Huber
Mike Tauser with his take on a possible move to the American League.





World Series


A Graphic Look at World Series Droughts - Beyond the Box Score
At least we're not the Cubs


Ballplayers and reporters: can’t we just all get along? « Alyson's Footnotes
Alyson Footer chimes in on some controversy involving the media and Cardinal players.


Andrus, Kinsler Are MLB’s Best DP Combo | FanGraphs Baseball
Game 2 of the World Series saw some slick fielding by both Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler.





More links after the jump...


Another one bites the dust
How good are catchers in blocking pitches?

How The Milwaukee Brewers Can Avoid The "Mid-Market Peak" - MLB Daily Dish
Starting to get the feeling that Clint Barmes may not be returning.


BOB:  Dodgers Divorce No More
It's easy to forget that the Astros fan base isn't the only fan base with ownership issues.


Joe Blogs: To DH or Not To DH
I thought this was an interesting article considering our most recent discussions.


Joe Blogs: GPS And a Sportswriter's Life
This a great story that has little to do with sports.