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Super Sunday Links 2 October 2011

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While you were enjoying your Sunday afternoon I was working hard to put together these links for your viewing pleasure.


Offseason Stuff

What the Heck, Bobby?: The 40-Man Dilemma - Part I
A look at some the issues plaguing the Astros 40-man roster this offseason.

What the Heck, Bobby?: The 40-Man Dilemma - Part II
A continuation on the breakdown of the 40-man roster.

'Moneyball' misses: Clubs need more than on-base percentage | News
Walks and extra-base hits have value beyond what is expressed in batting averages was well known among baseball professionals long before "Moneyball." But the movie missed that there is a lot more to winning pennants than on-base percentage.

Gladiators...I mean Astros Fans I Salute You - SB Nation Houston
Its been a long and difficult journey but the 2011 season for the Houston Astros is now, thankfully, over. AstroB highlighting some points from this pas season.




Rangers' First Highlight, Via Quick-Thinking Fan - Baseball Nation
Simply awesome.

If you aren’t in the mood for a short Astros rant, don’t click this | King Solomon's Mind | a blog
I'd typically consider myself an optimist but not after this season and I kind of like what Jerome Solomon has to say. Oh and just so you don't have to look it up according to the Astros pythagorean record their record should of been 62-100.

Farmstros: 13 Reasons the Astros Should be in the American League in 2013
Love this list from Mike Tauser. Well done sir.



In Season Stuff

How to Scout First-baseman - Beyond the Box Score
Dave Gershman continues his series on scouting players.

Reflection of Houston Astros' Top 10 significant moments from 2011 season - Houston Houston Astros |
Stephen Goff at the examiner takes a look at the 10 most significant moments this past season.

Top games of the (short) week: Sept. 25-28
Yes the Astros managed to end the season with a thud that doesn't mean they didn't play a couple good games over the remaining weeks.

Trip to Minute Maid Park in Houston: Astros honor former ‘Cats " 'Cats Corner
Two of the members from the Tri-City ValleyCats front office made their way to Houston for the awards given to Jose Altuve and Jake Buchanan last Saturday night. They've chronicled their adventure with lots of pictures.