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TCB Podcast Episode 22

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TCB Podcast EP 15
TCB Podcast EP 15


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In this episode Sean Feist, and special guest Terri Schlather who writes for the blog Tales From The Juice on the Aerys Sports network discuss:

  • Jordan Schafer's run in with the law
  • The tragic death of Astros Minor League pitcher Dustin Kellogg
  • Reaction to the possibility of the Astros moving to the American League
  • Clearing out the 40 man roster
Our first offseason podcast is in the books and it's a pretty good one. A thank you goes out to Terri for joining us and making it a very memorable podcast. She'll be invited back again and you'll understand why after you listen to the podcast. I want to wrap this up with condolences to the family and friends of Dustin Kellogg it was really too soon for a young man with such a bright future. 


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